Fly-Tipped Waste Collection Service

Fly –tipped waste in Zimbabwe is classified as an illegal deposit of waste on an area of land that isn’t licensed to receive it.

Typical areas of land that are commonly affected by fly tipping are lay-bys, private land, derelict land and woodland areas.

The most common kinds of waste that are fly-tipped include garden waste, tyres, fridges, household waste (sofas & mattresses), clinical, hazardous & construction waste and asbestos sheeting.

The dumping of waste also affects the appeal of an area and can have a detrimental impact on future investment within that area. This criminal act can spoil our Zimbabwean neighbourhoods and quality of life for children playing in these areas.

We aim to respond quickly to fly tipping incidents on behalf of our clients and local municipalities to reduce the risk to public health and the environment. Sobet offers a quick response service, attending site to sample, identify, package and dispose of the waste. For more information on our fly tipping services, please contact us here.

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