Paper Recycling & Collection

The kinds of paper you can put into our paper recycling bins are:

Coloured paper
White paper
Mixed paper

We offer a free site assessment where we will look at the waste you produce and propose a complete waste management solution that covers:

How the paper is collected onsite.
The best types of containers to use.
Storing the paper ready for collection.
Transport to the recycling facility.

For businesses that produce larger volumes we can collect containers of loose paper segregated into a single stream, or as baled material. This reduces transport cost and the impact on the environment, and maintains the value of the materials being recycled.

We can even provide onsite staff to help you manage the recycling process for you and look after tasks such as collecting from around your site and baling paper ready for transport.

Call Sobet’s today on +263 (4) 573 559 or +263 (0) 77 259 2209 to find out more.